ALL 50 - Ray’s Journal Entry for: Post Trip - Monday, April, 25, 2005

Reno, Nevada

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Hello Fellow Road Warriors!

Today, April 25, 2005, is the Second Anniversary of the start of the ALL 50 Road Trip across America. ALL 50 States!

New Ink!

New Ink!

All 50 Tattoo

All 50 Tattoo

It is hard sitting here, not to think of the excitement and adventure that I was about to undertake, however, each day I cherish the thoughts, friends and people meet and miles that I covered. Someday soon, another adventure will beckon on the horizon. Until then, I have my health; and that, is a lot to be thankful for!

Currently, I am trying to assemble pictures and the stories for a book, out later this year. It is amazing since the ALL 50 Road trip, the number of "famous" people that have taken to the road in search of adventure; Matthew McConaughey, Ewan McGregor, Neil Peart, etc.

Motto: "Get out on the Highway, looking for Adventure!"

To commemorate my adventure, I have had an ALL 50 Tattoo placed on my left shoulder. As a "Badge of Validation," Jimmy Buffet sings, of a "Permanent Reminder of a Temporary Situation," which it wasn't and is not. The ALL 50 Road trip was a once in a life time occurrence, never again to be duplicated on Corvette's 50Th Anniversary/Birthday! Then again, it was my 50th birthday also! NO one will ever be able to take the ALL 50 Road Trip accomplishment away from me, hence the tattoo.

Rob, at Aces Tattoo in Reno, Nevada took on the challenge of duplicating my logo perfectly into the tattoo. It took Rob 5 hours of painstaking patience and skill to accomplish this task. Thank you Rob for a job will done!

I am trying to find time in my schedule this summer for a road trip. Not sure where or when, but there will be one!

As summer approaches, let's "Get out on the highway and look for some Adventure!"

God Speed.

ALL 50


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