ALL 50 - Ray’s Journal Entry for: Post-trip - Tuesday, July 13, 2004

San Diego

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3:30 am PST



Homestead ( garage?)

Spearfish Welcome Party

Quilt made from all previous BHCC t-shirts

Full rainbow at welcome party!


Lineup for auto-cross

Vette Street in Spearfish

Leaving Vette Street

Dueling Pianos

Spearfish Canyon

Homesteady Mine (lead) So. Dakota

Cheyenne Crossing, Poker Stop!

Bighorn Sheep, Custer State Pk.

Mt. Rushmore (leaving Custer)

Mt. Rushmore (from hwy entrance)

Sun. a.m. drive

I don't wanna go home!

Boot Tree

The All50 Corvette headed for South Dakota and the Black Hills Corvette Classic! First time the All 50 Corvette goes over 1000 miles in one day! Intent:  To be in Sioux Falls South Dakota, Wednesday afternoon for registration and Hot Summer Nights. Two day drive 1749 miles!

Arrive Chevrolet Lithia at 4 pm CST. Phillips Street in Downtown Sioux Falls is bustling with Vette's, music and people, its great!

Caravan, Thursday morning, back to Spearfish.  Over 400 plus Vette's participate! I take off the interstate at Cactus Flats to tour the Badlands.  Well worth the drive! Thursday night welcome party at the Holiday Inn. Door prizes, including ALL 50 merchandise were raffled off. A loud pipe and burnout contest ensue. The '71 LT1 400 "smoked" everybody!

Friday morning, Auto cross.  Each car was able to get a parade lap plus three runs.  What a blast! It's unbelievable how well the ZO6 runs the cones! Funs over, now I have to clean the car from previous day's rain and auto cross.

Friday evenings "Vette Street" in Downtown Spearfish. There is much interest in the All 50 road trip.  Typical phrase as people would walk away, "I can't believe he did that!" Thank you very much!

Then "Let's Party Some More in '04" with the Dueling Piano's! Great Act!

Saturday, I was signed up for drag racing in Sturgis, but decided to take road tour of Black Hills and complete my poker hand.  It was a great day going through Spearfish Canyon and Custer State Park to Mount Rushmore. Last poker card drawn was in Deadwood.  Three 5's!  Will see what happens! Got to hurry back to Spearfish, poker hands have to be in by 5 pm.

Banquet starts at 6 pm. This was a great event! I believe there where 586 cars registered. Lots of group participation and chance to meet lots of people. The events where well organized and very timely. Congratulations, Sioux Falls Corvette Club, for a Job well done!

Saturday night, Awards where given for Morning and Afternoon Auto cross in six divisions. Drag racing was done the same. Including...hey ladies!, your own divisions! Acknowledgments were made to sponsors and individuals, including yours truly, at the awards banquet Saturday night... Unfortunately, this meant that I did not get to speak on Saturday night as planned as the banquet ended promptly at 9 pm.

Oh well, there is always next year!

Love that open Road!


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