ALL 50 - Ray’s Journal Entry for: C5 Bash Trip - Sunday, April 18, 2004

San Diego, CA. to Holbrook, AZ,

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On the Road Again!

6 am. Sunday Morning I'm washing the ZO6 after yesterday's rains in San Diego. While I'm finishing loading the car, Mom makes me a bowl of oatmeal. I'm finally on the road at 8:30 am. I am scheduled to meet Larry and Verna at the Tepees in Holbrook, Arizona tonight. On my way out of town, I stop to fill up a low right rear tire. I call my Dad and make arrangements to meet him at his house in Borrego Springs, CA.

Car Wash

Ray & Mom

Borrego Valley

Ray & Dad

Salton Sea

Arizona Capitol, Phoenix

East of Payson, AZ.

It feels so good to be back in the Vette…… I have no set itinerary except to be in Nashville Thursday afternoon to pick up my wife. I am following a group of Harley's up the two lane road through the mountains. It's a beautiful morning!

Borrego Springs is beautiful, but chilly for the desert. Yesterday's storm had left a dusting of snow on the mountain peaks. My Dad has not seen my car. Asking for a ride, he grabs a 7 Up. I'm thinking about asking him not to have it in the car. I don't. We take off and after a couple of swigs I think it's safe.

I nail it! Dad is now wearing the 7 up! We get back to the house, and he comments, "Quite a car". He had owned a '73 Vette for a short period of time. After a quick brunch, I'm on the road again.

Driving out the Salton Sea Highway to Highway 86 north to Interstate 10. From there I head east to Phoenix. I need to get a picture of the capitol building that I missed last year in my haste to get to LA and then Hawaii.

Driving north to Payson, the Valentine (radar detector) is busy. Lots of Bears! Passing a beautiful black Cuda, I give the thumbs up. Next thing I know, they're waving! From Payson, I turn east to Show Low. This is a beautiful drive and I would highly recommend it. Turning north, will bring me into Holbrook, AZ where I am to meet up with Larry and Verna at the Tepees.

Larry and Verna are traveling in a "77 Vette. They had left their home in Warren, Michigan and drove to Chicago to follow route 66 to Santa Monica.

We both arrive in Holbrook within a half hour of each other. We couldn't have planed it any better as we check in and then off to dinner. Of course, the stories begin.

It's not the destination, but the Journey!

Finishing dinner, we go back to the Tepees and agree to meet at 8 am for breakfast. A knock on the door and Larry and Verna want to look at the maps. Its midnight as I excuse myself for bed.

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