ALL 50 - Ray’s Journal Entry for: C5 Bash - Thursday, April 22, 2004

Memphis, TN. to Bowling Green, KY.

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Thursday morning, its pouring rain in Memphis. I am in no hurry to hit the road.  My goal today is to get the car serviced and head for Nashville to pick up Karen.

Memphis in the rain

Texas C5

Bob, at Chuck Hutton Chevrolet has gotten me in and out in a timely fashion. Bob is trying to persuade me to come back next weekend for Memphis in May.  Asking the drive time to Nashville he says 4 hours, "but in that, probably 3"

Its 1:15 pm as I leave the dealership and the sun is out! Getting on the Interstate, I am moving along guesstimating the miles and time I now have to travel.  I can see in my rear view mirror, a blue C5 working its way towards me.  Finally it passes. Texas. Waving as they go by we are now moving on down the road. About half way to Nashville I take the lead.

Approaching Nashville, the sky darkens and I turn on the radio.  There have been three fatal accidents shutting down 3 different highways in the Nashville area.  From the road reports, I-440 east should still be open. Its not. Karen's plane is early, due to a strong tail wind from the jet stream causing this entire weather disturbance.  I would have been on time. As I sit in traffic, the reserve fuel is displayed.  I am talking to Karen who is talking to a man at the airport waiting for his wife caught in the same traffic. I am given directions on how to get to the airport from the highway we have been detoured onto.

Picking up Karen, we immediately head for a gas station. The ride north to Bowling Green is beautiful.  The sun has come out and it's a beautiful evening.  As we pull into the motel, there are a good number of Corvettes in the parking lot.  Many of the owners are out wiping down their cars. Mine needs to be washed. Tomorrow.

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