ALL 50 - Ray’s Journal Entry for: Day 17 - Sunday, May 11, 2003

Anchorage, Alaska to Fairbanks, Alaska

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North to Alaska!

It's raining and cool outside, temperature 49 degrees. I stayed at a Holiday Inn in Anchorage last night. I was interested to read that Holiday Inns and Corvettes have a lot in common. The ideas were both founded in 1952. Holiday Inn in their own literature, reference this fact.

Getting a cab, I head for the Port. Upon going through a security check, the guy was bigger than Mr. T, we proceeded to Totem. It's 10:30 am, Mother's Day, and Carla was there to great me and wish me well and to have a safe trip. She confirmed my reservation and told me to be back at 8 am. Tuesday. Simple directions and I was out of town.

I initially head for Wasilla. Rocky and Joyce, Last Frontier Outfitters, live there and I am going to stop in and say hello. I worked for them in the fall of 2000 as a Sheep (hunting) Guide in the Chugach Mountains.

After having a sandwich and a two hour conversation, Rocky has convinced me that I should drive the Alaska Highway back to the States. He told me a Buddy of his a couple of years ago, brought up "one of them older Corvettes" and didn't have any problems. Joyce persuaded me to stop and buy a book called the MilePost. This book describes in detail the accommodations and services along the way. I will review the book and make a decision tonight.

The drive north out of Wasilla towards Denali is beautiful. I am fortunate enough to find a cooperative moose for a picture .

The country is SO BIG. Alaska is the size of Oregon, California, New York, Michigan, Minnesota, Indiana, Maine and West Virginia.

When first approaching Mt McKinley, you drive and drive and drive....It doesn't appear that its getting any closer! Unfortunately, the clouds are shrouding Mt. McKinley's peak.

While stopped at a pull off, there is a family admiring my car. They are from Monticello, Kentucky on vacation. The father is explaining to the two children that Corvettes are Built in Bowling Green, Kentucky. I present "The Card" and explain the story and current events. We take a picture and we wish each other safe travels.

Several pictures are taken along the route. Its 9 PM...I'm approaching Fairbanks and the sun is still high in the sky trying to peak through the clouds. In town I see a sign for North Pole, can't resist he picture opportunity.

I drive around Fairbanks and stop for dinner. It's 11 PM when I get a motel room and its just starting to get dark!




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