ALL 50 - Ray’s Journal Entry for: Day 23 - Saturday, May 17, 2003

Tacoma, WA. to Pullman, WA.

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Day 23 and I have my Baby back! 

It's 9:30 am and Wally at Tote has brought me to my car. A quick once around, sign the paper work and load my briefcase duffle bag and backpack computer into the car. In the mean time, Carol is sitting in the car, checking it out. We manage a quick picture and we are off.

I am following Carol over to the shopping center where she is going to do errands as long as she is in town. Gateway has a store and I am going to see if they cannot fix my mouse. Fortunately a Tech is in and within minutes, I'm on my way to Seattle.

I cannot believe the traffic on a Saturday morning. Carol has warned me that Seattle has some of the worse traffic in the country. My goal is to get downtown and get a pictures of the Space Needle. Getting off for downtown, the off ramp passes by the two ball parks. They are impressive with the waterfront behind. Downtown Seattle traffic is light, but lots of foot traffic. Seattle is not "Sleepless" this morning! I am able to get several good photo's and I'm off to I-90 east heading for Spokane.

The waterways and hill are beautiful, but what's that white stuff? There has been a fresh dusting of SNOW! Once on the other side of the mountains, it is cold and windy. Outside temperature is hovering around 50 degrees. Luckily the wind is behind me.

Pulling off into a rest area there is a white C5 convertible, top up. In a few minutes the owner arrives and we exchange greetings. "The Card" is presented and the map is pulled out. He is from Seattle and several people he knows are heading for Bowling Green. He and his buddy are heading for Yakima to purchase hand made fishing lures. Boy, what some guys won't do for an excuse to drive their Corvettes!

The quickest way between two points is a straight line. Welcome to I-90. There are rolling wheat and grain fields on both side and black storm clouds on the horizon and to the North. Its been 100+ miles and I see another sign for a rest area, I just want to get out and stretch. Pulling in, there is a "free coffee" sign. I think this is a testament as to how "long" this drive is.

I originally was going to go to Spokane and Core, DE Lane and then south to WSU in Pullman and stay with my nephew Michael. Its getting late so I make a decision to find and alternate route. South at Sprague the map shows a road with some twists in it, I'll finally get to use the steering wheel!

Highway 23 winds through the valleys and wheat fields, unique in its own way. Several photo opportunities, one of which is the grain elevator in St. John. It has been raining off and on. There is even snow, however it was not sticking. Checking the calendar it is May 17 and snow?

Entering Pullman it’s 5:30 PM, Washington State University,WSU, is up on the hill. There are 20000+ students and 5000 residents. I'm looking for the auditorium to make a turn to get to Michael's apartment. Jay Leno is on the Marquee for a future show.

Pulling into the apartment complex, Michael is carrying a laundry basket. Saying our hellos we head for the apartment. His room mate has just moved out and boxes and furniture are pushed to the side.

Michael shows me my room. Oh college days again! Mattress on the floor, a couple of blankets and a pillow and I'm good to go.

We jump in his truck and are going to pick up Jenny and tour the campus and head for dinner. We stop at one of the local hot spots and have calzones. Delicious. I have brought my lap top along so I can show Michael and Jenny pictures.

We head back to the apartment and I'm tired and say goodnight. I can't wait for that mattress on the floor!




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