ALL 50 - Ray’s Journal Entry for: Day 27 - Wednesday, May 21, 2003

Reno, Nevada

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Car is being serviced at Champion Chevrolet. 

I have my chocolate lab, Blitzen, being trained at Silverstate Kennels. Carolyn has made special arrangement for me to see Blitzen and review his training thus far. I quickly begin to realize that his is a dog/owner training exercise. I was glad to see Blitzen do so well.

When I am done with this trip, I am planning on moving to Reno. Karen and I are getting married in October, so a day spent with Karen, (running around doing errands, unfortunately) was in order.

Picking up the car at 4:30pm, the gas door was not able to be repaired. The cable is a special order. I will have to call ahead to Des Moines and notify them of this item.

Now my baby is going to get its first good bath in three weeks. It is dirty. I gently wash and rinse, twice. It’s better. There is considerable road grime already, but I do not have the resources to remove it.

I finish and head downtown for Virginia Street. Passing by PJ's, the parking lot is filled for the Wednesday night, "Bike Night" Arriving downtown, a mini "Hot August Nights" is going on. I pull through the barricades and am stopped. I give the gentleman "The Card" and go under the sign for a picture. I wish I had more time to hang around, but I'm running late for dinner

I then head for my one of my favorite places in Reno, “The Liberty Belle." A quick picture and home, Karen is waiting on dinner.

Reno, Nevada

The Liberty Belle - Reno, Nevada

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