ALL 50 - Ray’s Journal Entry for: Day 28 - Thursday, May 28, 2003

Reno, Nevada to Eureka, Nevada

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A service related issue from the prior day, required me to bring my car back to Champion Chevrolet. They immediately and graciously took car of the problem and I was on my way.

I headed south to Carson City for a picture of the Capitol and then on to Virginia City. GOLD! The whole town is a designated historical site.

I head down six mile Canyon to route 50. Route 50 has the designation of being the "Loneliest Road." It’s a two lane blacktop and suits me just fine. The scenery is breathtaking. The desert is in bloom, green and with the differing rock formations, the picture is continually changing. The road is in excellent shape and the speed limit is 75 mph

Clipping along, I see a large tree on the left, there is something hanging in it. As I zip by, I realize they are tennis shoes! U-turn.

I pull my car under the tree for a picture. There is another vehicle already there. I ask the couple if they know the significance of the tree, No, do I? We are now standing there and wondering.

I hand them "The Card"

They are traveling from Vallejo, CA to Telluride, Colorado for a film festival. Ralph Leighton was the associate producer of 'Genghis Blues" a film nominated for the Academy Awards as Best Documentary Feature. Traveling with him are Adrian and Roko Belic, Producers of the film. And this place is lonely? After Ralph took my picture, he goes to his van and hands me a copy of the film on DVD. I present them with T-shirts. We wish each other well and we are on our way.

This drive, at this time of year, is one to plan on. I'm sure the late afternoon shadows are highlighting the features, but Wow!

A pit stop in Austin, and Heather fills me in about the town’s history. Silver and gold then. Now it’s tourists.

I head for Eureka, trying to maximize my daylight and the late start. I pull in just after sunset. These old towns are charming.

Bucket of Blood - Virginia City, NV

Delta Saloon - Virginia City, NV.

Suicide Table, Delta Saloon - Virginia City, NV.

Suicide Table History

Looking East from Virginia City

'Shoe Tree', Rte. 50 mile post 70 (pic by Heather)

Ray in Austin, Nevada (pic by Heather)

Sunset - Rte 50

Sundown, Rte 50 - Eureka, NV.

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