ALL 50 - Ray’s Journal Entry for: Day 34 - Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Hastings, Nebraska to Des Moines, Iowa

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State Capitol, Lincoln Nebraska

ZO6 hits 10,000 miles!

Welcome to Iowa, State #22

Mile-post 7, Council Bluffs, Iowa (caption)

Marlene's 1953 Vette I got to drive!

Marlene's 50th Anniversary and ALL 50 ZO6

Dennis & Marlene's Collection Showroom

John Wayne's Birthplace, Winterset, IA.

"Porky's" in Des Moines, IA.

"The Pig"

Day 34 brings me to Lincoln, Nebraska, state capitol.

Crossing the Missouri River from Omaha to Council Bluffs, I am now in Iowa (State # 22). Mile 7.5 Interstate 80, Council Bluffs, Iowa. Ironically it has been exactly to the minute, five weeks, 35 days, 10,000 miles, 22 states, since I took delivery at he NCM.

I have called Brown Chevrolet in Des Moines to confirm my service appointment for 7am tomorrow. Milk confirms that the parts for the gas door have arrived. I Call Marlene Schilberg to confirm our meeting to look at her car collection. My pal Bo had told me the cars were in a barn.

Pulling into Greenfield, the “barn,” was a former Ford Dealership, and now houses Marlene and Dennis’s car collection. A corner building with a glass front, it was impressive. The cars that they had assembled in such a small town was amazing.

Presenting Marlene "The Card," I explained my story and purpose. "Would you mind if I went and got the local paper reporter?" No. Going across the street, Marlene returns in a few moments with Terri Queck-Matzie, Managing Editor of the Adair County Free Press. Several questions and a few pictures, we will be in next Wednesday's paper.

Heading for Des Moines, the sign for John Wayne's birthplace catches my eye in Winterset, IA.. I am usually not a “tourist,” however, John was one of my favorite actors.

Arriving in Des Moines, I find where I am to bring the car tomorrow morning for servicing. I also find a car wash and clean off the bugs. I now realize it takes two washings and I still can't get all the bugs and grime off.

In the next stall a blue 2002 ZO6 has pulled in. Alex asks if I'm going to Porky’s Diner. He explains they’re holding a Wednesday night car enthusiast get-together just a ways down and around the block.

Pulling in to Porky's, it is busy but I am able to find a spot in the back. Alex comes over and says "glad you made it"

I am handing out "The Card" to various Vette owners. One of them asks if this car was in the museum in Bowling Green for the C5 birthday bash. "Yes and now it has 10,000 plus miles and 22 states behind it!" I answer. "WHAT?" And the story continues. I was happy to hear the number of people at Porky's going to Bowling Green in a couple of weeks. We will all meet again in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Chuck taking the camera, lets me borrow Nancy for a picture in front of the pig bus. They will have their '87 at Indy also.

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