ALL 50 - Ray’s Journal Entry for: Day 36 - Friday, May 30, 2003

Pierre, South Dakota to Bottineau, North Dakota

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Dust, blowing in the wind

Sakakawea Tribute

Sakakawe a plaque, close-up

Sitting Bull overlooking Missouri River

Sitting Bull

North Dakota (State #22)

Capitol, Bismarck, North Dakota

Minot Air Force Base Gate

And you thought a Corvette has a small trunk!?

Turtle Mountains

Sunset, Bottineau, North Dakota

It is windy this morning. 20 to 30 mph winds with gusts up to 40 mph.  The dust is blowing from the plowed fields and tumble weeds are constantly crossing the road from the side wind.

Stopping in Mobridge, South Dakota, this is were Sitting Bulls Grave is located.  The head stone is looking south down the Missouri River. At this location is also a tribute to Sakakawea.

Sakakawea to date, is thought to be the most important and influential women in Indian history. She helped guide and interpret for Lewis and Clark.  Her death came from fever at age 25.

I continue north along the Missouri into North Dakota (State #22). Following the River I cross into Bismarck, North Dakota's capitol.

Heading north to Minot, I pass the Garrison Dam on the Missouri River and the lake behind, Sakakawea.

I stop at the first gate of the Minot Air Force Base to get a picture, I then proceed to the next gate to get some pictures when I am approached by armed guards. Presenting the card, I am detained for about 20 minutes.  I am allowed to take certain pictures and am on my way.

I forgot to thank, in earnest, these soldiers for serving and protecting our freedom.
Thank You!

Heading east the sun is a fireball in the sky as flights of ducks go overhead.  It is a beautiful evening as the sun sets on the Turtle Mountains.

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