ALL 50 - Ray’s Journal Entry for: Day 39 - Tuesday, June 6, 2003

Duluth, Minnesota to Green Bay, Wisconsin

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It is a milky gray sunrise over Lake Superior. Completing my journal and pictures and getting yesterdays items downloaded, I have decided to take a walk on the board walk.

I have been watching people jog, walk, bike and blade. There are two parallel paths, one asphalt and one wooden plank.

It is brisk outside, but the air feels good. I had originally planned on getting some form of exercise each day. It just hasn't happened. The walk feels good and invigorating.

State Capitol, St. Paul, Minnesota

Cathedral of St. Paul

Wisconsin State Line (State #25, the Half-Way Mark!!!)

Lambeau Field, Home of the Packers

Green Bay

After a quick breakfast I'm off. Climbing the hills from Duluth Harbor you get an excellent view of the harbor and across to Superior, Wisconsin. It is tempting to cross the bridge, but I need to head south to get the Capitol in St. Paul. It is a beautiful drive of woods, rolling hills and small lakes.

Crossing the Mississippi River, between Minneapolis and St. Paul, I try to take a moving picture through the window. It doesn't work, however, Its amazing how much wider the river is in just a couple hundred miles!

Finding the capitol, there are numerous school buses parked down below and I can see bunches of kids up on the steps. I pull around in front of the capitol and now realize that the kids are just below me. Jumping out to take the pictures, I can hear the voices behind me. One voice says "Wow, a ZO6!"

These kids are 10-12!

I approach the kids and teacher, and handout "The Card" of course everyone wants one so I return to get more from the back of the car. In a few minutes the kids want to take a picture of me, the car and them. The teacher has a Polaroid. I ask one of the shy kids to take a picture with my camera.

Saying good bye I'm off. I stop across the freeway and the architecture of The Cathedral of St. Paul is magnificent! I realize now, that the pictures with the kids had not worked.

It just started happening, the view finder is blurry, however the LCD is clear and the pictures are coming out OK.

In fifteen minutes, the border of Wisconsin. State #25, Half the States!

Proceeding east to Green Bay, arch rival of the Vikings, I figure I still have to see Lambeau Field. Fortunately the gate is open and I'm able to pull into the parking lot. There is major construction going on and around Lambeau Field. You can tell what's important to these people!

Driving downtown, its quiet. I find Bay Beach Park and step out to view Green Bay. It is calm and gray skies. There is a small group of honkers sitting on the water. They are the only sound, the cottonwoods are shedding, making it appear like its snowing in the light breeze.

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