ALL 50 - Ray’s Journal Entry for: Day 42 - Thursday, June 5, 2003

Memphis, Tennessee to Dallas, Texas

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Beale Street in the Light



Memphis Pyramid

Arkansas State Line (State #27)

State Capitol, Little Rock, Arkansas

Road to Pine Bluff

Junction City

Louisiana State Line (State #28)

Texas State Line (State #6...Howdy, I'm Back!)

Heading for Dallas

Day 42 and a late start from Memphis, not before getting pictures in front of Elvis's and Beale Street.

Getting on the interstate, the Pyramid is of to the North as I climb onto the bridge carrying me over the Mississippi River, one more time.  It keeps getting wider!

Halfway across the bridge, I'm in Arkansas, State #27.

The sky ahead looks like rain. It starts to sprinkle as I head into Little Rock, Capitol of Arkansas.  Heading south to Pine Bluff, the vegetation along the road is lush and green.

Junction City, Arkansas is proud of the fact that they are the "Gateway to Louisiana"

Heading into Shreveport, Louisiana (State #28). It is starting to rain.  Stopping for a pit stop, it is raining harder as I leave Shreveport.

The rain lets up just a little allowing me to get my picture of reentering Texas, State #6.

Howdy Texas, I'm Back! (I didn't want to get accused of "Pan Handling Texas!")

It is raining extremely hard at times and I can feel the car start to hydroplane and slow to 40 mph.  Luckily no Hail.

Just outside Dallas the rain lets up as it is getting dark.  Good timing, I find my hotel and have to be up early to get the car serviced tomorrow morning.

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