ALL 50 - Ray’s Journal Entry for: Day 43 - Friday, June 6, 2003

Dallas, Texas to Houston, Texas

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Friday Morning in Dallas and its raining as I bring the ZO6 in for servicing. 

A cup of coffee and my laptop and I'm a happy camper sitting in the customer lounge. 

8:15 am the car is done but I'm not. 30 minutes later I'm on the road. Traffic is slow in the rain.

Kennedy Memorial, Dallas, Texas

Kennedy Memorial, Dallas, Texas

State Capitol, Austin, Texas

Grady, Starr, Cathy & Caroline

"Remember the Alamo!," Alamo Wall

Alamo Church, San Antonio

Jeff and Ray at "The Studio"

Johnson Space Center, Houston, Texas

ZO6 & Saturn Launch Vehicle

Saturn 5, Johnson Space Center

Dealey Plaza and the Kennedy Memorial. November 22, 1963. Its one of those days you remember. 10 years old, I was in Mrs. Jacobson's Music class when we got the news. It is hard to forget her emotions.

Heading for Fort Worth I am lucky, I-35 has been blocked by a jackknifed big rig. Turning south for Austin the rain has let up and I can see patches of blue. Forecast is for scattered rain all day.

Austin city limits and the sky line is magnificent the capitol is beautiful. Lots of people around its almost 1 PM. The Texas Ranger would not let me park in the driveway for a picture. For dignitaries only. Handing him "The Card" I told him I was one. Smiling, he politely asked me to move the car.

Around the block and a driveway blocked by a truck perfect photo opportunity.

Getting back on the interstate I am in a construction zone with traffic down to two lanes between the K-rail and no shoulders. Suddenly, traffic panic stops! A few hundred yards ahead is a ladder, that has already been run over, in my lane. That could have hurt!

Arriving in San Antonio, I pick up my friend and hunting partner, Starr at his daughter Caroline and her husband Grady's home. Downloading the journal and a quick warm up of lunch, its time to leave. I look at the front door and I cannot believe the amount of luggage (The politically correct term)

With Grady's help, the car is loaded. I mean loaded. Taking off, I can feel the weight difference with the additional baggage. Sorry Starr!

Remember the Alamo! We are off to Houston.

We are going to stop and see a college buddy of mine, Jeff, at his Studio. He is a professional commercial photographer. After a few minutes, he gets his camera out, has me move the car, and takes a few pictures. "Let me see what I can do with this!"

Jeff has told me that I need to get to the Johnson Space Center and get a picture of the car in front of the Saturn 5 Rocket. After a short time reminiscing, we should have just enough time to make Johnson space by sunset. Pulling up to the gate, the space center is closed, however the guard lets me pull the car into the driveway for a quick picture.

A beautiful sunset and dinner. Good night Houston!

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