ALL 50 - Ray’s Journal Entry for: Day 44 - Saturday, June 7, 2003

Houston, Texas to Jackson, Mississippi

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My clothes won't dry! Stepping outside the hotel in Houston at 9:30 am, the car thermometer show 88 degrees and it’s got to be 90% humidity! No wonder my clothes took so long to dry in the dryer!

Heading for Galveston, it’s flat, not much to look at. Jeff had warned us to get to Galveston early, because on weekends its busy with everyone heading for the beach. Traffic is not too bad.

Galveston Beach

Galveston Ferry

North to High Island

Louisiana State Line (State #27)

"Old" State Capitol Building, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

State Capitol Bldg., Baton Rouge, Louisiana

New Orleans

Haven't seen many! (Corvette, New Orleans)

Decatur Street, New Orleans

Jackson Square, New Orleans

Bourbon Street, New Orleans

Causeway Bridge, 29 miles long, Louisiana

Mississippi State Line (State #28)

The beach is lined with umbrellas and there is already a good number of people here. We make our way to the ferry landing and are in line about 20 minutes before being loaded. We are the last car on.

Taking off immediately, the passengers come to the back of the boat and start feeding the sea terns bread and chips they have brought along, the kids are having a blast, I'm just hoping no one scratches the car.

From the deck above (about 20 feet high), it is quite a sight of the Galveston harbor and the kids feeding the birds. The ferry ride is only 15 minutes. Upon returning to the car, the inevitable has happened, there are no scratches, however, there are bird droppings all over the car!

Heading to High Island, there are signs along the highway, "Hurricane Evacuation Route" It is low and flat, this 20 mile stretch of road. Hitting Interstate 10 east we enter Louisiana, State # 27.

There is construction in numerous places along the interstate and traffic is stopped several times. Its going to be a slow day.

Entering Baton Rouge, we find the Old Capitol building. It has very unique architecture. Making a U-turn we head for the [new] capitol. It too is a beautiful building. Boy is it hot and humid taking the pictures!

As we head into New Orleans, it looks like we could get wet. In a few minutes we are in a heavy sun shower, about 5 minutes worth. No more bird droppings!

Finding Bourbon Street, it is busy. The temptation to stop for a pitcher and plate of oysters is killing me, but I need to keep going!

This is one of the trials and tribulations of this trip, wanting to stop and can't!

Getting on the interstate we head for the causeway, the map shows it is 29 miles across open water. Driving this stretch of road, Starr and I comment that we would not enjoy the drive in a storm or fog. It is incredible to think of building this roadway across so many miles of open water.

Stopping at a rest area on the North side, the building is air-conditioned and it feels good.

Heading north from Sidel we enter Mississippi, State #28

We are able to make Jackson just after the sunsets, I had been hoping to make it to get a picture of the capitol in the setting sun, but I missed it by 20 minutes. Tomorrow morning.

We get a motel and getting out of the car, A black gentleman says "Nice Corvette, I hope you have an alarm for that thing! They steal about 6 cars a night around here!"

Just what I need. Going to our room, We are not facing the parking lot. After a room change, the car is now parked below us so I can here the alarm.

I am now going over the remaining schedule and realize I have made a BIG boo-boo. The day heading into Fort Lauderdale, I forgot to number. Thinking I was gaining a day to slow down a little bit and try to see if I could make it work to have my daughter join me, I realize I'm a day behind.

I am up till midnight, between the car and working on my itinerary, I'm restless, but I need some sleep.

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