ALL 50 - Ray’s Journal Entry for: Day 45 - Sunday, June 8, 2003

Jackson, Mississippi to Tallahasee, Florida

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It was am interesting night. Between the thought of having the car stolen and a hot water pipe breaking in Starr's' room, it was a short night.

State Capitol Bldg., Jackson, Mississippi

Alabama State Line (State #30)

U.S. Steel, Birmingham, Alabama

State Capitol Bldg., Montgomery, Alabama

1st White House of the Confederacy, Montgomery, AL.

Hank Williams Museum

"Lost Highway"

Union Train Station, Montgomery, Alabama

Florida State Line (State #31)

I-10 to Tallahassee

(Old) State Capitol Bldg., Tallahassee, Florida

(New) State Capitol Bldg., Tallahassee, Florida

It is warm and muggy in Jackson as we head for the capitol building. Another magnificent structure. It continues to amaze me the quality and charter of the capitol buildings I have seen thus far.

Heading east to Birmingham, we enter Alabama, State #30. As we approach Birmingham, it is hard to miss the large smoke stack rising into the sky. Pulling off at the exit and proceeding to the locked gate, it is US Steel. The facility is still a half mile away and it is HUGE! Neither Starr or I had ever seen a steel mill. It was impressive, even from this distance.

Heading south we are getting close to Montgomery and a sign off to the side signifies this stretch of highway as the Hank Williams "Lost Highway," Entering Montgomery, Alabama State Capitol. I take a few pictures of the capitol, and we go back to the Hank Williams museum we had passed entering town. Entering, we take the tour. Hank's Baby Blue Caddy is there. It is difficult to think that this legend died in the back seat at age 29. Hank Jr., drove this car in high school.

We enter the gift shop to buy some "good" music CD's and they are out. Jokingly I tell them I have driven 30 states and crossed the ocean to come here and get a CD. Handing them "The Card," I ask where we can get a picture of The "Lost Highway" sign. The woman tells me it is 7 miles north of town but difficult to get a picture of because of its location, however there is a replica in the museum and she is willing to take my picture in front of it, even though Cameras are not allowed. Amazing.

Taking a second look at our T-shirts. they comment that Hank Jr. has a car "same color, just like that one!" pointing to the yellow ZO6. Smiling we thank them and hit the highway. Gotta get to Florida.

As we enter Florida, State #31, there are big cumulus clouds ahead. A sun shower had just passed through and the pavement is wet. Getting to interstate 10 we head east. If we can make Tallahassee, we will have been in three states and three capitols all in one day!

I suddenly get a "rush" realizing that I am closer to my goal. I know I have 19 states left, but hey, its just the East coast!

We get to the capitol as the sun is setting. A couple of pictures of the old and new, you decide. and we are at the Holiday Inn.

The girls behind the counter ask about the car and our T-shirts. Handing them "The Card" they are in disbelief. I go out and get the map. Now they are in amazement.
I am allowed to leave my car under the over hang outside the entrance. I will be able to sleep tonight!

Having dinner, Starr and I talk about the accomplishments of the day and the trip.
Toasting, we both declare, "Life is good!"

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