ALL 50 - Ray’s Journal Entry for: Day 46 - Monday, June 9, 2003

Tallahasee, Florida to Cocoa Beach, Florida

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It's a warm, muggy morning as we head south to Tampa and the airport.  Starr has a 3:20 PM reservation and we should be there about 2 PM.

The drive is scenic, but does not change. There is little traffic and we are just cruising along, singing a song, "North to Alaska!"

Open Road

My buddies, the Bears!

Kennedy Space Center

Drive or Fly?

Booster Rockets (both work!)

Ron Jon Surf Shop, Cocoa Beach, Florida

Merritt Island Sunset

A few miles outside Tampa it has started to rain.  At the airport we unload the one bag into the car.  My daughter Amanda, had sent some things for me with Starr.

Saying thank you and good-bye, I am off to Kennedy Space Center.

Upon arriving, there is a shuttle and booster rocket.  Very impressive. I'm thinking how impressive it is in a Vette, I can only imagine what it would be like at lift off. I would love to try it!

I have been trying to call my college buddy and fellow swimmer, Bryon, who works at the Space Center, but am unable to reach him. The home phone number I had written down is missing one number, but which one?

I head into Cocoa Beach and stop for a cup of coffee and to look at a phone book for Byron's number.  Luckily, the number is listed. I try calling, but the number is busy. Ron Jon Surf Shop is only a few blocks away, so I head down and get a picture. its quite a place.

I try calling Byron one more time before heading north and his phone is finally not busy. He has two teenage daughters, Melissa and Brittany.

Getting directions, I am at their house in a few minutes.  Byron and his daughters had not been expecting me but welcome me into their home.

It is good to see Byron, he swam the back stroke and I was always waiting on him in the medley relay!

Melissa and Brittany chauffeur us in the "Lincoln Log" to Cocoa Beach. I'm trying to remember what it is about Coca Beach that made it famous.  Bryon tells me "I Dream of Jeannie" How could I forget!

It is Monday night amateur boxing at the Cosmopolitan and anybody's welcome. The boxers are provided gloves and head gear. They are paired by weight for 3, one minute rounds. It was interesting and entertaining as we only get to watch two fights before we have to leave. The place is packed and there is a line out the door waiting to get in.

Our chauffeurs are waiting for us in the parking lot.  Walking out, we pass a patrol car with officers standing present and I hand out "The Card" They are smiling as we leave.

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