ALL 50 - Ray’s Journal Entry for: Day 47 - Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Cocoa Beach, Florida to Macon, Georgia

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Elks Club, Merritt Island, FL.

Cocoa Beach Welcom

NASA, Kennedy Space Center

Kennedy Space Center, Visitors Center

Welcome to Daytona Beach

Daytona Beach, FL.

On the Boardwalk

Daytona Speedway

Daytona Entrance

Tunnel to Infield

Plantation Club, Jacksonville, FL.

Georgia State Line (State #32)

Okefenokee Swamp

Georgia Treasure

Macon Sunset

It is an early morning as Bryon takes off for work and I start on the computer. We agree to meet at 9 am for some pictures at the NASA Visitors Center.

Bryon has called and asked me to take a picture of the elk on top of the Elks Club that he put up and is proud of, so I follow Melissa so as not to get lost and save time. Leaving the Elks, I turn the wrong way and get lost. It is so flat and so much vegetation, I cannot pick out a landmark reference. After several phone calls, I meet Bryon. The sun is breaking through the clouds as we take pictures, it is muggy. Thanking him and his daughter for their hospitality we say good-bye and head for Daytona Beach.

Arriving in Daytona Beach, I pass a car wash. Being a little vain, the car is filthy and they are calling for more rain, I wash it anyway. Hey, its Daytona!
By the time I am done, I am soaked in sweet and change T-shirts and head for the beach. It is a high overcast, but driving onto the beach, in the ZO6 was a strange feeling.

Turning from the beach, I did not want to leave, I head for Daytona Speedway. I am not able to get the car on the track or in the infield, but am allowed to pull the car under the entrance sign. I have always wanted to go to the Daytona 500. Someday!

Heading for Jacksonville, I am talking to Starr's secretary and good friend, Norma. She asks me to call her brother in Jacksonville. I decide to stop and show Jim and Mary Ann the car and map. We have a nice discussion about road trips but I gotta go!

 Heading north, I pass into Georgia, State #32. Shortly I am passing by the Okefenokee Swamp. You know haw low you are because the water stands in the ditches.

As the sun sets, I am in Macon Georgia. I had hoped to make Atlanta tonight. Oh well only 90 miles short, there is always tomorrow.

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