ALL 50 - Ray’s Journal Entry for: Day 48 - Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Macon, Georgia to Columbia, South Carolina

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It is hot and muggy as I leave Macon for Atlanta. I have waited to let rush hour subside. It is 10:30 am as I pull up to the capitol in Atlanta. Another gorgeous capitol building. Each has been unique in its own way.

Downtown, Atlanta, Georgia

State Capitol Bldg., Atlanta, Georgia

Routte 78 to Thomson

Savannah River at Augusta, Georgia

South Carolina State Line (State #33)

State Capitol Bldg., Columbia, So. Carolina

Heading north out of Atlanta, I realize once again I had forgot to mail my Father's day card to my Dad. I pull off at the next available exit to find a mail box.

It's when you need one, you can't find one. Stopping for a Venti Mocha the cashier tells me through the parking lot, between two buildings, it looks like a dead end but its not, across they alley and in front of Kinko's is a mail box. I wish I wasn't trying to hold on to the coffee cup.

Back on the interstate heading to Chattanooga, traffic stops about 40 miles north of Atlanta. I do hardly move for over an hour. I am channel surfing trying to find a traffic report, but cannot. I decide to pull off at the next exit and see what alternate routes are available.

I decide to head east to Athens and then down to Augusta, then turn north to Columbia, South Carolina. Its two lane road and it looks inviting, no traffic.

In a few miles as I approach Canton, traffic is slow and heavy. It remains that way for a long time.

I am now second guessing my decision but have committed to this route. It is slow.

Arriving at Athens, I make a pit stop. Getting back on the road, I realize that somehow, I missed my turn. After a couple of loops, I stop for directions. This has not been a good day traffic wise.

Heading for Augusta, my dad loves golf, so I call him to see what golf course it is they play the Masters on so I can stop and take a picture. It is Augusta National, but he doubts I can get in because it is so exclusive. I will try anyhow.

Stopping for directions the entrance is about four blocks away. If this is the right entrance, It was impossible to pull into the driveway without getting in an accident. Dad's right! So I continue into downtown.

Crossing the Savannah River I am entering South Carolina, State #33.

The traffic is moving briskly and there is evidence of recent rain and wind. Finding the Capitol building in Columbia, I take a few pictures and decide to get a motel room and reconfigure my itinerary. I am down to 14 days and 17 states. Getting close to Indianapolis and then to Bowling Green!

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