ALL 50 - Ray’s Journal Entry for: Day 51 - Saturday, June 14, 2003

Wytheville, Virginia to Pocomoke, Maryland

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Its a beautiful morning out leaving Wytheville, Virginia. The traffic is not bad and is moving along nicely as I approach Roanoke. 

D-Day Memorial, Roanoke, VA.

Arch & Allied Flags, D-Day Memorial

"Overlord" Arch (Op. Overlord was name for D-Day)

Troops climbing wall statuary

Top of wall scaling statuary

Burial Rifle, D-Day Memorial

Beach Scene, D-Day Memorial

Beach Scene, D-Day Memorial

English Garden, D-Day Memorial

Route 460, Virginia

George Washington monument, Richmond, VA.

State Capitol Bldg., Richmond, VA.

Fishing pier on Chesapeake Bay bridge & tunnel

Approaching Storm, Maryland

Maryland State Line (State #36)

Missed the lightning!

There is a sign for the D-Day Memorial. My map does not show its location but the signs continue along Route 460, 116th Infantry Memorial Highway.

At Bedford, Virginia is the D-Day Memorial. It is magnificent in the way it is laid out and displayed. Each phase of the invasion is featured in this incredible monument. It is well worth my time to stop and pay tribute to those that battled on that June 6, 1944, day.

Looking around, I see many tears being wiped away.

Today is also Flag Day.

Route 460 is a beautiful drive and traffic is light. Approaching Richmond on rte 360 will bring me to the capitol, or so I think. I do not see any signs and with the tall buildings I cannot recognize the capitol. After asking several people for directions, including a police officer at the light, I am there.

The capitol police officer is handed "The Card." He proceeds to tell me that this is the second oldest capitol and that if I pull around to the right in front of the steps, it should make a great picture. It does. I pull back around to the entrance and there is a statue and monument for George Washington. Places like this, I just wish I had more time to stop!

Heading towards Norfolk, the message board says there is a 20-30 minute wait for the tunnel. I'm thinking: on a Saturday afternoon? About an hour later, I am through the tunnel.

The ZO6 has now been on, over and under the ocean!

Entering Norfolk, I can see the ships, but am running out of time to make Annapolis this afternoon. I head directly for Route 13 and the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and Tunnel.

Stopping at the Resturant/Gift shop I purchase and write some post cards. The bay is spectacular I had always heard so much about it, I finally get to see a small portion of it. That's what has been great about this trip!

Plans for returning to locations already seen for further stays and exploration are already being thought of.

The bridge dips into a tunnel twice in crossing, ending up on Fisherman's Island. The drive up the Sea shore is beautiful. There are storm clouds brewing in the West and it starts to obscure the setting sun.

Entering Maryland, State #36, taking the picture I can hear thunder and see flashes of lighting. I hope it doesn't hail. Light is going fast, so I stop in Pocomoke, MD, for the night. It is now raining hard as I run to my room.

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