ALL 50 - Ray’s Journal Entry for: Day 52 - Sunday, June 15, 2003

Pocomoke, Maryland to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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"Firecracker," vintage ChrisCraft

W.W.II Memorial, Annapolis, Maryland

State Capitol Bldg., Annapolis, Maryland

Plaque, Maryland Capitol Bldg., (US's 1st capitol)

US Naval Academy mascot, Annapolis, MD.

The White House, Washington, D.C.

Josan and the Washington Monument, Wash., D.C.

U.S. Capitol Building, Washington, D.C.

Union Train Station, Wash., D.C.

George's Place. (George, Josan & Ray)

Camden Yards, Baltimore, MD.

Pennsylvania State Line (State #37)

State Capitol Bldg., Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Harrisburg Riverwalk, Virginia

Valley Forge Nat’l Park, Valley Forge, PA.

Memorial Arch, Valley Forge Park

Memorial Arch, Valley Forge Park, VA.

Valley Forge

Valley Forge Sunset

Happy Father's Day!

I am up early to try and make up for lost time and weather yesterday. It is an overcast morning, but turns to broken clouds and patches of sun as I enter Annapolis.

Annapolis is not only the Capitol of Maryland, but this building also served as our first United States Capitol. The Officer in front is kind as I present him "The Card." He allows me to pull the car in front for some quick pictures.

Before leaving the Capitol, I ask about the Naval Academy and pictures. He gives me directions to a gate.

Arriving at the gate "The Card" is presented. The guard tells me to go to Gate 1 and he will see if he can't arrange a picture. Arriving at Gate 1, I present "The Card." I am allowed just inside to take a picture of the Mascot, Thanks Guys!

I am heading for Washington DC. and talking to a friend, Josan, from San Diego. She is in Washington for a conference and leaving today. She is staying at her Cousin George's and its only five blocks from the White House. Josan agrees to be my tour guide for an hour. This should make things easier. In an hour, we are able to get pictures of the White House, Washington Monument, US Capitol and the Union Train Station. I regret not stopping at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

George and Josan grew up in the New York City vicinity. They are able to help me better plan my itinerary through the city. I had regretted not knowing where to go but now feel comfortable with the game plan. Thank you Josan and George!

Heading north and entering Baltimore, I pass Cameron Yards, downtown and the ship yards. The view from the bridges is wonderful!

State #37, Pennsylvania, I stop at the rest area/visitors information to check my itinerary for tomorrow and make reservations on the ferry as George had recommended. While at the rest area sharing a picnic table, there is a family enjoying an afternoon snack and the gentleman is able to give me directions for finding the Riverwalk and Capitol in Harrisburg.

With the excellent directions, I am in and out of Harrisburg heading for Allentown, PA. I am going to try to contact a distant nephew that taught me how to milk a cow 40+ years ago. The phone number I have is not answering and looking in the phone book, I do not see his name listed so I head south for Philadelphia.

Heading south on 309 from Coopersburg, an accident ahead is requiring a detour. I decide to go west and hit the turnpike, I should have enough daylight to see part of Philadelphia.

Exiting the Turnpike I see signs for Valley Forge, the sun is getting low, but I should have enough time.

The 10 mile drive through Valley Forge at sunset is spectacular! There are numerous groups of deer in the fields, unaffected by us tourists.

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