ALL 50 - Ray’s Journal Entry for: Day 53 - Monday, June 16, 2003

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Princeton, New Jersey

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Morning in Philly, PA.

Delaware State Line (State #38)

Dover Downs Raceway, Dover, Delaware

State Capitol Building, Dover, Delaware

Summer Sky?

Lewes Ferry Landing, Lewes, Delaware

Lewes, "First Town of the First State."





Shortly after getting on the interstate it splits and the Welcome Delaware is in the middle, State #38. As I head south to Dover the clouds increase to a solid gray sky. I can see the wind on the water and in the trees.

Getting out of the car at Dover Downs, I realize how cool it is. 62 degrees and guessing a 15-20 mph wind. The flags are almost straight out.

The capitol of Delaware is a distinctly different structure from the other capitols visited thus far. Its a gorgeous brick building with white trim.

Heading out of town, I get on the wrong 13. I need 113. U-turn and I'm back on track. I am supposed to be at the ferry one hour before departure, even with reservations. As I get closer to Lewes, traffic is stopped. I'm thinking its for the ferry and how fortunate I am to have made reservations. I find out later its beach traffic. I'm thinking, in this weather?

Parking the car at the ferry landing, I immediately put on my pullover. I am talking to the officer lining the cars up, it was supposed to be 72 degrees and sunny today with a light breeze. He had come to work with shorts on this morning and its now 1 PM and has long pants, a sweatshirt and windbraker on! He tells me, that "normally" the lot would be full, but not today. He further explains that the weather the last 10 weeks has been cold and damp.

Pulling onto the ferry, I put the car in reverse and set the parking brake, it looks rough out there. I just hope others around me have secured their cars properly.

Leaving the terminal, the captain is warning passengers to expect moderate seas once outside the breakwater. He also cautions passengers to hold hand rails and use extra caution opening doors.

Going to the second deck, it is cold and windy. Once outside the breakwater, I take my glasses off to take a picture. The wind is so strong, my eyes are watering! Fortunately, no spray is coming over the bow or sides. You can definitely feel the ferry moving in the seas. I am guessing 2-3 foot wind waves and a 3-6 foot swell. Its a beautiful summer day!

It is 17 miles across the bay and takes 1 1/2 hours. Hitting the landing at Cape May, I am in New Jersey, State #39. Heading north, I decide to cut over to the beach at Avalon. The roads are basically empty. With weather like this I can see why. I can only imagine what the drive would be like on a nice summer day.

Stopping at Sea Isle City, there is a surf fisherman and two people walking the beach. It is cold. There are few people on the boardwalk. The two life guards are huddled in the chair, umbrella trying to block the North wind, wrapped in blankets, towels and hooded sweatshirts. Definitely NOT summer weather!

Crossing the bridge I can see Atlantic City across the wetlands and decide to pass on it due to the time. I head up 563 to 539, designated scenic highways. It is a beautiful drive and there is hardly anyone on the road.

Upon entering Trenton, its 6:15 PM and the streets are empty. I get my pictures of the capitol and head out of town and decide to stop in Princeton. I need a good nights sleep. Tomorrow its New York!

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