ALL 50 - Ray’s Journal Entry for: Day 54 - Tuesday, June17, 2003

Princeton, New Jersey to New London, Connecticut

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The Big Apple!

New York skyline (far distance)

Entering New York (State welcome sign?)

World Trade Center Site

WTC Site

WTC - adjacent wall

Superior Court Building, NY, NY

Bowling Green Park! (NY, NY)

Empire State Building from So. Manhattan

NY Skyline

NY Skyline

Port Jefferson Ferry (Long Island, NY)

Safe & Secure (Pt. Jefferson Ferry)

Port Jefferson

Long Island, NY

Bridgeport, Connecticut

Connecticut (State welcome sign!)

State Capitol Bldg., Hartford, Connecticut

Colt Manufacturing, Hartford, CT.

Thames River (no...not that one)

It has been an interesting ride into the city this morning, Missing the Holland Tunnel I pull over and decide to take the Lincoln tunnel. Emerging from the tunnel It puts me on 34th street. Hey, no Welcome to New York Sign! I immediately think of the Christmas movie, "Miracle on 34th Street," one of my favorite classics.

Stopped in traffic, I ask a Police office jay-walking with a sandwich in hand how to get to the World Trade Center Site. "go up to 7th and follow it all the way down"

Pulling around the block, looking for a place to park, there is an officer on a 50cc bike, going the wrong way on the one way. Handing him "The Card" he tells me that I can leave my car right here if its only for a few moments.

The Site is blocked from view by fences and screening materials. He tells me that this is as good as it gets, picture wise. On the brick wall, next to the site is painted "Let us Remember"

I can only imagine what it was like being here September 11, 2001.

Taking off, it was suggested that maybe Wall Street. Somehow I end up on the Brooklyn Bridge. Its a beautiful bridge and allows me the opportunity to glance over and see the Statue of Liberty.

Getting to Brooklyn I make a U-turn and head back for the city. Crossing Broadway, I go around the block and get on Broadway heading south.

Trying to read the map, stopped in traffic, figuring out where I am at is virtually impossible. I don't have my reading glasses on. This is one location I had hoped to have a ride along. Oh well!

In the center of the street I pass a park with band playing. Bowling Green Park! (Deja Vu!)

Across from the park, I pull in behind a construction barricade and am now trying to figure where I am at. The map is not showing this park. Two gentleman standing in front of the coffee shop are kind enough to tell me I'm about as far south in Manhattan I can get. Telling them I want to get to 276, they tell me to turn right at the light and follow the signs for Battery Tunnel.

Emerging from the tunnel, I am in the wrong lane to get to 276 east.

U-turns in New York are lots of work. I eventually get back to 276 east and head for Port Jefferson on Long Island. I am taking the ferry across to Bridgeport Connecticut.

It is a splendid afternoon to be on the water. Its right around 70 degrees with a light breeze. I am enjoying the scenery and taking pictures.

Going in for a refreshment, I am seated next to Ann. She is a dealer rep for Acura and enjoys sports cars, particularly the NSX. Go figure! I hand her "The Card" and she becomes intrigued by my venture.

In a short time we are ready to unload in Bridgeport. Ann has given me directions and tells me that I shouldn't have any difficulty getting to Hartford and then New London yet today. Thank you, Ann!

The Capitol Building of Connecticut in Hartford is spectacular! I am awestruck by its beauty.

Seeing a Capitol Police car sitting at the end of the parking lot, I ask for directions to Colt. Its only 5 minutes away and it's the building with the "blue dome." It’s a rustic old building, but I had to see it, being an avid sportsman.

I enter New London, Connecticut just as its getting dark. Thinking I will head east and find the water, sea food comes to mind. Stopping at a gas station, Ken is intrigued by my car. Handing him "The Card" he tells me he has a deposit down on one from a 41 year old that recently had a stroke. After looking at the map and talking Corvettes, he smiles and says "I'm buying it." He will be in San Diego in October and told him to contact me.

Ken has given me directions to Schooners on the river. It is a beautiful setting on the Thames River. I can see the light house at the mouth.

Finishing dinner, I hear a female voice talking about the yellow Vette parked out front without plates. I was enjoying overhearing the conversation until she got to the part: "maybe it’s stolen!" Paying the bill, I proceed to the lounge handing out "The Card" assuring them the car is not stolen. The gentleman sitting at the corner is pointing to his red 2000.

Saying goodnight, I enjoy the view of the river one last time. I still need to find a motel room and its 11 PM.

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