ALL 50 - Ray’s Journal Entry for: Day 56 - Thursday, June 19, 2003

Manchester, New Hampshire to Skowhegan, Maine

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Alarmed in Manchester!

Hot sheets!

State Capitol Bldg., Concord, New Hampshire

Nice to have TWO cameras

Portsmouth Bay, New Hampshire

Maine State Line (state #45)

Maine shoreline

Amanda...foggy morning at the beach

President Bush's retreat, Kennybunkport, Maine

Daughter & Dad (Pres. Bush's in background)

Town signpost, Kennybunkport, Maine

State Capitol Bldg., Augusta, Maine

Kenduskeag, Maine

Stewart Library

Fire! Fire!

The alarms are going off and announcements being made to evacuate the building. Amanda thinks Dad has gotten creative in trying to wake her up! We grab the computers, cameras, brief case and keys and are out the door heading for the stairs.

In a few minutes the first fire truck shows up as we are all looking for smoke. Within minutes we have a ladder truck and the Hazmat truck along with the fire captain.

Fortunately, it was only the linens in the dryer that had caught fire and were smoldering. Handing the smoldering linens in a garbage can out the window, the firefighters dowse the contents with water in the parking lot.

That was exciting while it lasted! Fortunately, no one was hurt and there is no major damage. In about 45 minutes we are allowed back in to the motel.

Its 11 am as we leave and head for Concord and the Capitol. We pass a Viper. I hadn't realize Vipers came in Millennium Yellow!

The Maine Capitol is another beautiful Building. We are so fortunate to have such special places.

Then on to Portsmouth New Hampshire. Making a pits stop we cross the ___and are now in Maine, State #45.

We have decide to take Highway 1 to Kennybunkport to see President Bush’s retreat. We are not alone as we pull up and are able to pull into a parking space as a pickup truck from Texas is leaving.

A couple, sitting on the park bench enjoying the view is asked if they will take our picture, He tells us we are lucky, that the fog just lifted minutes ago.

We decide to stop in Kennybunkport, Amanda wants to send some postcards. 16 postcards later, there is a mail box 50 feet from the steps where WE are writing out cards.

Its 3 PM and we've gone a total of 60 miles. Burning Daylight! We gotta hit the Turnpike and head for Augusta, the Capitol.

We arrive at he capitol just at 5 PM, rush hour. I'll take this "rush" hour any day! The Capitol is easy to find and another beautiful structure.

As we head north to Bangor, the sky is starting to darken. We are heading west out of Bangor on a secondary road to Skowhegan as it starts to rain...hard.

In a few minutes the sun is shining. Getting out to take a picture of the library at ___, the car is filthy from the rain, but the sky and scenery is beautiful.

Amanda has reminded me several times now that she needs to eat something, a bad habit of dads while driving, not stopping unless necessary, fuel.

Entering Skowhegan, it is a beautiful little community. We pass a nice looking motel on the left, but I need to find Amanda something to eat.

Alfanzo's Pizzeria! As we are sitting eating our salads, a large number of logging trucks pass by. I am a little worried because the street is in need of major repair. A few moments later a young man approaches us and tell us that the last truck almost hit our car! I immediately get up and move the car sideways in the parking stalls. Lucky!

We decide to go back to the motel we had seen coming into town.

Its 9:05 PM as we Pass over the bridge, in Downtown Skowhegan, Trip B is at 20000 miles! 45 States, only 5 left in 6 days!

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