ALL 50 - Ray’s Journal Entry for: Day 57 - Friday, June 20, 2003

Skowhagen, Maine to Plattsburg, New York

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Firehouse in Skowehegan

20,000 MILES!! (Bridge, Skowhegan, NH)

Mexico!! (Maine?)

State Line, New Hampshire (state #44 revisited)

Stopped to smell the flowers!

Androscoggin River

Toy Store


Vermont State Line (state #46)

State Capitol Bldg., Montpellier, Vermont

Breakwater at Burlington

On the deck

Sunset on Lake Champlain

Oldie but goodie!

Here we come, New York! (again)

New York revisited (state #40)

Lakeshore drive!


Didn't get far. We just left the motel in Skowhegan and are stopped already. 

Registration please!

All I was trying to do is take a picture on the bridge where the trip turned 20,000 miles! I am now blocking two engines at the fire house with an unmarked Impala and a plains clothes officer asking questions. This town didn't appear that big!

Handing the officer "The Card," he had been worried I would try to out run him. Is this The Dukes of Hazard? In a few moments we are laughing at the moment. No ticket. I've lost count, I think that's getting close to two dozen stops!

As we head east, we cross back into New Hampshire, revisiting. State # 44. It is a beautiful drive and the weather is perfect. Sunny, Blue skies and a few clouds.

Amanda is reading the map and giving me directions from my itinerary sheet.

Arriving in Errol, NH we had missed the turn in Gorham. Revisiting the map, and not wanting to backtrack, we continue on to Dixville Notch.

Coming over the Dixville Notch, the road breaks sharply down hill to a spectacular view of the Balsams. This is the location that has predicted the presidential outcome since 1960 with their balloting at midnight.

Heading south to Colebrook we are seen quite a few bikes on the road. In Coolbrook, there is a sign "Welcome Bikers" That explains it!

Heading for Montpelier we pass several groups and individuals on bikes. Soon we enter Vermont, State #46.

The Capitol is another beautiful gold-domed structure. Fortunately it is 5:30 PM on a Friday night and traffic is light around the capitol building as we take pictures.

Our intent is to get to Plattsburgh, New York tonight. It is 5:45 PM as we leave Montpellier and we have three options:
1. go to Burlington and take a ferry.
2. go to Grand Island and take a ferry or
3. drive up Route 2 and come back down the other side of Lake Champlain.

We opt for the Burlington ferry. It leaves at 7:30 PM and we will be able to enjoy the sunset on the water. Excellent choice. Pictures tell a thousand words! We unload and back in New York, State #40.

I have promised Amanda a good dinner tonight and we pass a restaurant right on the water above a small marina. The Harbor Side Restaurant is delicious and relaxing.

Now, all we have to do is find a room and call it another great day!

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