ALL 50 - Ray’s Journal Entry for: Day 58 - Saturday, June 21, 2003

Plattsburg, New Hampshire to Niagra Falls, New York

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Its a late morning. Car is washed and we are running way late. Going to have to down load journal later. It’s already noon before we hit he road.

Forks to the Olympic Village


North Pole!! (weren't we in Mexico yesterday?)

Amanda...standing on the corner, No. Pole

Olympic Skating Arena

Olympic Center

Lake Placid

Skating Arena

One of many lakes (Ray & Amanda)

Hudson River

State Capitol Bldg., Albany, New York

End of storm (too much cough syrup?)

We head for the North Pole. Amanda has just his one request to stop at Santa's Workshop. Wash the car and it starts to sprinkle.

Arriving The North Pole and Santa's Workshop, they are not open until next weekend, but we peek inside anyway. The kids are trying out and rehearsing for their numbers. Disappointed we head for Lake Placid.

The drive through the Adirondack Mountains is beautiful. We have hit scattered sprinkles but it is starting to get dark and looks like rain.

Stopping in Lake Placid for a pit stop, the ice arena is across the street along with several other Olympic structures.

We are heading for Blue Mountain Junction and then south to Albany.

Stopping at the mountain chalet for a late lunch, it is 4 PM, it is starts to rain. By the time we are finished with lunch, it is now raining steadily.

Heading down the mountain, the rain appears to be intensifying. By the time we reach the interstate, it is heavy at times requiring us to slow considerably because of reduced visibility.

Entering Albany, we are trying to find the Capitol. By now, I am used to seeing the large dome and we don't see one. The building looks like a castle and finally we see a construction sign on the building stating "State Capitol Renovation to be Complete Spring of 2002." Lets see, this is the first day of summer, 2003.

Pulling into the bus stop we run into the doorway to take pictures of the capitol.
Making a pit stop and heading for Buffalo, it gong to be a late night.

This is the first time I have had to drive at night. With the heavy rain and low clouds I wouldn't have seen much anyway. Besides Amanda has to catch her plane at 11:30 from Buffalo tomorrow morning and we are hoping to see Niagara Falls before she has to leave.

It finally quits raining as we approach Rochester. The remaining sunlight is catching the trailing edge of the storm. I'm just glad its done raining.

Its midnight as we pull into our Hotel in Niagara Falls. Asking about how long to the falls and back to the airport we have a 7 am wake-up call. ON the road by 8 we should be able to spend one hour at Niagara Falls before heading to the airport. Its going to be a short night.

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