ALL 50 - Ray’s Journal Entry for: Day 59 - Sunday, June 23, 2003

Niagara Falls, New York to Clarksburg, West Virginia

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Amanda and I are up early. We are planning on seeing Niagara Falls before she has to be to the airport in Buffalo by 10:30 am.

Niagara Falls State Park

American Falls

Canadian Falls

The View from Canada

State of Liberty, US Customs

Mellow Yellow?

Good-bye to Amanda in Buffalo

Sunset Beach, Lake Erie

Dunkirk Power Plant

Dunkirk Light House (1875)

Lake Erie shoreline

Pennsylvania revisited (state #37)

Vineyards along coast

McKees Rock Bridge

West Virginia State Line (state #47)

It is a beautiful morning out, Sun, a few high clouds and a light breeze and its 70 degrees as we head for Niagara Falls. Amanda has learned the hazards of being an early riser. We beat the crowds but loose on sleep, oh well!

Its 8 :30 AM when we pull into the American Falls. Needless to say, on a Sunday morning, there are not a lot of people. The falls are spectacular. We are going to walk over the bridge into Canada and view the falls from there. Everyone has told us that is the best view.

Arriving at Canadian customs, we are the only ones and go through a five minute interrogation. Handing the officer "The Card" did not impress him in the least.
He couldn't believe that two people came from so far away to see just the falls and only be in Canada 15 minutes. Welcome to Rays Road Trip! This is a longer stop than usual.

The view from the Canadian side is directly at the Falls. If a picture is worth a thousand words, being there, seeing and hearing the roar and feeling the mist is a must.

Arriving back at the car there is a yellow NSX parked next to us. Picture and "The Card" on the windshield and we are off. Leaving there are three PT's in front of us from California all decked out with the fancy paint schemes and chrome.

Right on schedule as we pull up to the airport at 10:15 am. Saying good-bye to Amanda, it sure was nice to have my daughter be able to join me.

Getting on the interstate, I think this is too nice a day to waste, so I take the next exit and end up in Sun Set Beach. It is a beautiful beach but empty. Talking to some kids, it will not get busy until next weekend.

Boy, I have gotten lucky to stay out of the summer traffic. I am amazed that their summer schedule is so late. Oh well! Good for me!

I continue along rte 5 and reenter Pennsylvania, State #37 and continue on to Erie. I have been amazed at the number of vineyards along this route, I would have thought it would be too cold, but I guess not.

Heading into Pittsburgh, I am going to try and get to Point Park. As I approach, there is a detour for 279 and traffic is stopped and backed up. Switch of plans and I keep going straight and end up on Ohio River Blvd. I decide to grass the bridge, It is the Mckees Rock Bridge. Huge stones are the supports for the steel bridge.

Looking at the map, I re-cross the bridge and work my way back to I-79 south. In a few miles I take a secondary road, route 19 and enter West Virginia, State #47.

As the sun is low on the horizon I stop in Clarksburg for the night.

Only 3 States Left!

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