ALL 50 - Ray’s Journal Entry for: 60 - Monday, June 23, 2003

Clarksburg, West Virginia to Dayton, Ohio

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Route 19

Kanawha River

Kanawha Falls

Gauley Bridge

State Capitol Bldg., Charleston, West Virginia

Lincoln in the evening

Ohio State Line (state #48)

Ohio River

Ohio Welcome...Road Closed!

One of several bridges crossing the Ohio

One of several power plants along the Ohio

Cincinnati Ball Park

Its a beautiful morning in Clarksburg. I have been talking to a couple at the hotel coffee lounge from Jamestown, New York. They are returning from Knoxville and a Honda Motorcycle rally.

We have shared the similar experiences of inconsiderate drivers. We also both acknowledged the fact that there are a lot of trucks on the road and without them, we would not have the goods and services we need.

Heading for Charleston, I want to see some of the "Back Country " of West Virginia. I elect to take Route 19 to Route 60 rather than the interstate.
Lets just say, it was a good choice.

Charleston is the Capitol of West Virginia and sits right on the Kanawha River.
Its gold dome is easily seen for the highway and is prominent in Charleston's sky line.

Heading west I cross the Ohio River at Chesapeake. Ohio, State # 48

Route 52 parallels the Ohio River and it is a beautiful drive. I see several barges and locks and dams along the way. There are also several large power plants.

Entering Cincinnati, I turn north for Dayton. I am cautiously optimistic. 72 hours and I will be back in Kentucky at the National Corvette Museum where I left a little over 8 weeks ago.

Tomorrow morning I will get the ZO6 serviced one more time before starting on the home stretch!

Come ooooonnnn Bowling Green!

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