ALL 50 - Ray’s Journal Entry for: Day 61 - Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Dayton, Ohio to Ann Arbor, Michigan

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Dayton, Ohio. The last oil change before Bowling Green and I'm off. It is getting down to the wire! Ohio, Michigan and into Indianapolis tomorrow night.

Trailer Queens? (truckload o' Vettes)

State Capitol Bldg., Columbus, Ohio

Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame

The Hall & Stadium

Michigan State Line (state #49!!!...ONE MORE!)

Jefferson Street, Detroit

Renaissance District, Detroit

Water-front view from Detroit (that’s Canada across the river...SOUTH!!)

The "Straights"

GM Global Headquarters

Glad I don't do windows!!

Looking out GM's front door

Don Garlit, GM (ret'd) and Photo 101

Michigan State

Leaving Dayton, I swing by the Air Force Museum and then back on the road.

Columbus is busy, its almost lunch time and I am hoping to get in and out with a picture of the capitol before lunch traffic. Getting the pictures of the capitol, I am off to Cleveland and the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame.

The Hall of Fame sits down on the water front, next to the stadium. Pulling up in front of "The Hall", as I get out of the Vette, I can feel the intense heat from the reflection off the glass off the pyramid. As if it is hot enough already, its 94 degree in Cleveland.

Leaving the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame, I decide to take a short drive on Scenic Lakeshore Drive, I am in Euclid before I turn around and head for Toledo and Detroit.

As I approach Toledo, its 4:20 PM and I am hoping I don't hit any rush hour traffic. Moments later we are stopped. Engines off. 40 minutes later, we are finally moving. I do not find out if it was construction ahead or an accident that has caused the delay.

Shortly I enter Michigan, State #49.

I had been told that the GM building is quite impressive in downtown Detroit. Asking for directions, the building is easy to see and find off of Jefferson Street. The front door sits right on the Detroit River. Across the river is Canada. This is the only place in the United States where you can look SOUTH into Canada!

As I'm laying in the street taking a picture, a suit walks out of the building. Handing him "The Card", Don Garlit is retired GM financial and had been called back to duty. Don is a book of information on GM and its history. Don also informs me that I am lucky I am here today and not tomorrow.

Tomorrow is Freedom Day and the United States and Canada sponsor a joint celebration on the river with fireworks. They expect over a million people. Parking and access would have been limited!

Heading west for Ann Arbor, I am able to get a shot of the Michigan State football stadium as the sun is setting.

Two more days and I will be at the NCM and ALL 50!

Tomorrow, I head for Indy!

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