ALL 50 - Ray’s Journal Entry for: Day 62 - Wednesday, June 25, 2003

Ann Arbor, Michigan to Indianapolis, Indiana (STATE 50 TODAY!!!)

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Gotta get to Indy!

State Capitol Bldg., Lansing, Michigan

Indiana State Line (STATE 50!!!)

Indiana's Silent Victors Monument

Ray at State 50 Capitol Bldg., Indianapolis, Indiana

Capitol Dome & Flags

ALL 50 ZO6 & State 50 Capitol Bldg.


Indy..."The Brickyard"

I'm eager to get going this morning. I figure I might be able to catch the caravan from South Bend gathering at 11 am. I think I gain an hour so it will be close.

First however, I decide to stop and buy a GMRS radio, thinking that this could prove valuable. I then head for Lansing, Michigan's capitol. Finding no place to park, I pull into the center turn lane. A few quick pictures and I'm off.

Missing my turn for South Bend, day dreaming, I decide to head for Fort Wayne and cut across to Route 31. Thinking, maybe I can catch part of the caravan. Approaching Route 31, I turn the GMRS radio on. Nothing. About 5 miles down the road, I am surprised to see the tails of a small group of Vettes ahead. Passing and waving, I need to make a pit stop. I forget to take a picture.

Getting back on the road, I thought I would see them again, but don't.

I don't want to be rushing tomorrow morning. so I head into Indianapolis to the capitol to get pictures shot this afternoon. Forecast is for thunderstorms tonight and tomorrow, Finding the capitol, a local Hoosier volunteers to take my picture.

I head for the track and am able to get pictures of the car before heading to the hotel.

My plan is to check in, unload everything, and vacuum and wash the car, its filthy!

Pulling into the hotel, there is an anniversary convertible in the parking lot. Unloading the car, the owners of the anniversary Vette appear, Rick and Kitty They are from Wisconsin and have traveled to 14 states before coming to Indianapolis. Handing them "The Card'" I explain I have been to ALL 50!

The map comes out and the ensuing conversation of road trips is on. We look forward to getting together in the morning and they will lead Karen and I over to Indy. They had taken time this afternoon to find out where we need to go in the morning.

Vacuuming and washing the car in 94 degree + heat and humidity was miserable. It needed to be done, even if it is going to rain.

Next on the agenda is washing clothes and then picking Karen up at 11:30 PM at the airport. Ya Know, there's not much traffic at Midnight!

Tomorrow the Brickyard (Indianapolis Speedway) then on to Bowling Green and the National Corvette Museum!

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