ALL 50 - Ray’s Journal Entry for: Day 63, Thursday June 26, 2003

Indianapolis, Indiana to Bowling Green, Kentucky (back to the starting point for the GRAND FINALE!!)

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ALL 50 License Plate (...finally!)

Installing ALL 50 California plate for the final leg of the trip

New Patriotic California Plate

INDY! (Indianapolis Speedway)

Indiana Caravan Registration (kind of a damp morning)

The Intrepid Ray Ehly, Jr. and his trusty ZO6

Waiting around for the start of the day

Corvettes Gathering in the Gloom

What can I say? Ray's fiance' Karen & ZO6

Umbrella-view of the gathering caravan


...and more...

ALL 50 ZO6 proudly wearing its new plate w/Indy Tower in the background

Ray and future Mrs. Ehly, Karen, Indy Grandstands

Then & Now, 2003 ALL 50 ZO6 & 1953 Convertible...wo w!

Racing Capitol of the World

On the track at Indy...the Indiana Caravan has begun.



Fellow Caravan’ers









Our first rear-view mirror self-portrait of the trip

Nothing but a lousy speedtrap...what a rotten trick!!



Out on the road....entering Kentucky.

The Man

27,296 Miles Later...

All this way and NOW he loses a contact!

No...sorry , he's just glad to be here (Ray kisses the ground in front of the NCM)

Ray Ehly, Jr. back to ALL 50 starting point

Nice to have Karen there for the big finish

Karen adding her signature to the 50th Anniversary Banner

The Kails visit their “brick”

Ray interview s with ABC Television

On the road to!

63 Days  4 Hours 21 Minutes

22,796 Miles

ALL 50


Edward the webmaster notes: that’s what Ray sent me for yesterday. Ray and his fiance’ Karen are busy enjoying the Corvette Celebrations being held in Nashville, TN. today and through Monday, when everyone returns to Bowling Green, KY for the actual BIRTH-DAY of the Corvette (the Corvette was introduced at a special promotional event held at Madison Square Garden, June 30, 1953). Ray is having dinner with one of the designers who actually helped create the Corvette 50 years ago...

So...promising to send a journal entry later, (I reckon he’s enjoying a well-deserved break from journaling), Ray has sent me a batch o’ pictures from the big day yesterday. Though he usually includes a title for each one, he didn’t even do that. He’s having fun...who can blame him?

Here I am left with this dilemma.  Just post ‘em as is or caption them myself?

Well, what would you do?

Big mistake, Ray!! (heh, heh)

(In all seriousness, I do want to take this opportunity to offer a hearty congratulations and ‘hats off’ to Ray and thank him for allowing me to be part of this most remarkable undertaking. It’s been both a pleasure and an honor...even when we’ve both been tearing our hair out for various technical and logistical reasons! And thanks to those of you who’ve followed along...especially those who’ve sent supportive emails praising the project and the website.)

  Cheers...Edward Sanchez, ALL 50 Webmaster)

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