ALL 50 - Ray’s Journal Entry for: Post-trip, June 27 - 30, 2003

Corvette 50th Anniversary Celebration, Nashville

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Caravan Parking, Coliseum

Participant Welcome

Cincinnati Denny

'62...Karen's brother, Brian had one. (K.I.A., Vietnam)

David McLellan and Ray

Check out this license plate

Howard's '58

Heritage Tour

'Flying Saucer,' Nashville

Chris, Denny, Karen & Ray

Holy Batman!

Downtow n Nashville

Printers Alley


Atrium, Opryland

Atrium, Opryland

Corvette Cafe

Randy & Casi, Boise Idaho, saw me on TV @ Grandma' s house

Car Show

Who Else?!

Karen taking pictures

Custom 'Vette

Main Entrance

Flipper (?) & Mr. Catfish

State Capitol Bldg., Nashville, Tennessee

Music anyone? (George Gruhn's)

Country Music Hall of Fame, Nashville

Sunday Morning Comin' Down

Original Flag Emblem

Zora's Vette






Roy Orbison's Vette

Bob, Darrel & Ray at Museum Radio Station

Bill & Matching $85,000 Donation

Nancy & Ray

Will Cooksy & Corvette Birthday Cake

50th Anniversary Cake...ooh, impressive! (?)

Postal Stamp Line

Abe Lincoln's Birthplace

Abe's Birthplace Cabin

State Capitol Bldg., Frankfort, Kentucky

It was wonderful to be able to step out of the car yesterday and kiss the ground where I had left just nine weeks ago.

I am thankful and grateful that I was able to enjoy this great American Road Trip. I am also grateful that there were no major problems on the trip. With the time table I had, it could have very easily jeopardized the integrity of the trip as I had intended.

All said and done, it was WONDERFUL!

Let's do it again!

The events in Nashville were sponsored by Chevrolet at the Titans football coliseum.

There was a beautiful display of cars, one from each year, on the main plaza area.  There was also a display of cars with the Duntov Award. In the parking lots where a display of cars driven by some of the participants.

ZZ-Top was the entertainment for Saturday Night.  For a couple of older boys, having played together for 34 years, they can still rock!

The late night time entertainment included a trip to Printers Alley and Broadway between 4th and 5th.  Nashville was busy and fun!

Before leaving for Bowling Green Sunday, we stopped at the Tennessee capitol in Nashville along with going through the Country Music Hall of Fame.

Denny, form Cincinnati Ohio, has followed my trip form the start and has sent numerous e-mails. Denny took the initiative to drive in his C5 Convertible from Cincinnati to California to join the Southern California Caravan back to Bowling Green. Obviously we share a passion for being on the road and we made arrangements to meet in Bowling Green at Sundays events and get some pictures of the cars.

We made it back to Bowling Green Sunday afternoon, just in time for the block party in the outdoor amphitheater.

As part of Sunday nights entertainment, an impromptu challenge was issued to the crowd. Bill ----will match dollar for dollar any donations made.  Money collected will be used for the museum expansion.  Funds are being sought to double the size of the museum without any debt!

One of the more interesting fund raising challenges was the gentleman from Australia donating his shirt as an incentive. I believe it was the New England Corvette Club, purchasing the shirt for $3000. By the way, Everyone was invited to Australia's Corvette Convention next year in Melbourne!

Monday morning, June 30th found a large crown gathered for the cake cutting ceremony for Corvettes 50th birthday.  It was announced that last night's challenge was able to raise $85.0000.  Bill presented the museum with a matching check of $85,000 as promised.  Bill stated that this was the first step to his bankruptcy and he would possibly have to start selling off his 25 corvettes!

A rousing singing of Happy Birthday and the cake cutting capped the events.

I still had one more capitol to go, so we headed east for Frankfort, Kentucky.

This has been a wonderful experience.  I am so grateful to be able to have completed this trip. I have meet so many wonderful people and seen so much beautiful country of OURS!

Sometime next week, I will be posting an overall summary of the trip and start answering e-mails

I want to thank all of you that have supported me by either thought word or deed on those great American Road tour, seeing the USA in my Chevrolet-CORVETTE!

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