ALL 50 - Ray’s Journal Entry for: Pre-trip - Wednesday, April, 23, 2003

National Corvette Museum & Plant Tour, Bowling Green, KY.
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Arrived at museum 7:45 am CST. Tony Petro, NCM Delivery Team Member, assumed the role of delivery, plant and museum tour.

Watched a required safety film.

At Plant, marquee read: New Owners, Ray Ehly, Jr. I was the only museum delivery scheduled for today .

Unfortunately, the assembly line was broke down at the car lift station. However, we ran into Bob Breeding, Customer Contact Manager for GM. Told him the story and the mission. Bob wanted me to talk with Jane Bowlin, Communication Coordinator for GM. Jane indicated she would like to do an article for the GM Bowling Green Assembly Plant paper, Performance Plus. After 20 minutes in her office we proceeded to the production line where arrangements had been made to get pictures on the assembly line. Woody Jackson, GM Photographer, found a Millennium Yellow ZO6, and several pictures were taken.

Tony and I completed the plant tour, and returned to the museum for the museum tour. Upon the return to the Museum, on the floor was MY ZO6!

After several minutes of inspection and pictures, Tony and I embarked on the Museum tour. The museum is in the process of getting, moving and changing cars around for the birthday bash in June. Still very impressive.

Returning to the ZO6, Tony carefully went through the car and all its functions. Compared to my 70 LS5 (Wright Bros.) this 03 LS6 (Chuck Yeager) was incredibly sophisticated, but easy to operate.

Then, there's the "paper work"

I was instructed to proceed to the front of the museum and Tony would deliver the ZO6. Its difficult to explain the excitement of seeing "YOUR" car coming into view. 1:53pm CST I was handed the keys!

Oh boy!

For those of you contemplating buying a new Vette, Museum Delivery is well worth the time and expense, It will further your appreciation for 'America's Sports Car"!

The Museum has web cams set up and can easily be monitored by the internet:

After moving a few possessions from the rental car into the ZO6, I went back over to the factory and was able to take pictures out front.

Upon leaving the factory, Corvettes were pulling into the museum after completing a road tour for the C5 birthday bash which started today!

How fortunate I was to be able to Take delivery on the start of the C5 birthday weekend. I am planning on staying for the festivities, at least through Saturday Morning.

Then, Its on the Road to ALL 50!






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