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Ray Ehly, Jr. introduces his ALL 50 Road Trip

Chevrolet is in my blood.Click to enlarge image of Ray & his LS5 

My Great Grandfather started Kiefer Motors in Moorhead Minnesota in 1907. My Grandfather, Jake, sold the business in 1977. 70 years. As a kid growing up, I hung out with Jake. Got to drive a lot of new cars.

My first Corvette is a 1970 LS5 White convertible. It has a 500 cubic inch motor, Richmond 6 speed transmission, and a slalom/street suspension. Now this is a road car! I have driven it several times from San Diego to Reno for Hot August Nights and Monterey to the Historics. I have also slalomed this car along with driving every chance I get.

Last year at Monterey, Corvette was the featured car being honored for its 50th Anniversary. There were parade laps around Laguna Seca, and the LS5 was there. I had been to Laguna Seca a couple of years previous for a racing school. It was an unbelievable feeling to be in your own car going through the Cork Screw.

While looking at all the Corvettes, new and old, I commented to my girlfriend, Karen, that maybe I should order a 2003 Corvette and drive it to all 50 states for my 50th birthday. Karen laughed, not taking me seriously. 

For eight months I have been planning the logistics of this trip. My Millennium Yellow ZO6 was ordered March 3, 2003. Karen stopped laughing. "Are you REALLY going to do this?" Amanda, my daughter expressed a similar comment, "Are you crazy?"

Skepticism has followed this idea since March 3. The ZO6 is scheduled to be built the week of April 14. My goal is to get a museum delivery and immediately embark on a 50 State road trip. ALL 50, including Alaska and Hawaii. The final leg of the trip will be with the Southern California Caravan from Rancho Cucamonga to Bowling Green June 26 and then on to Nashville. (Click here for actual dates, trip details on Ray’s Journal Page)

(click to enlarge)You will be able to follow my progress with daily updates on this web site. Please feel free to register in the guest book and email me if you would like. I will attempt to answer all emails; however, I will be busy driving on down the road! If you see the Millennium Yellow ZO6 with an ALL 50 license plate, don't be shy, WAVE!

See you at the Birthday Bash in Bowling Green!