ALL 50 - Ray’s Journal Entry for:  Day 06 - Wednesday, April 30, 2003

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7:45 am Bob Stall Chevrolet for servicing. 2753 miles.  Dick picks me up in his 35th anniversary Silver Camaro. (It was Dicks parents that I visited in Independence, MO.) Boy, does this thing run good.

Over to the “Men's Room” to see Bo for a Tune-up haircut.  Everyone is eager to hear how the trip is going so far. Dick and I go get the ZO6 and return to the “Men's Room” for some pictures. Then to the bank and on to Bird Rock Elementary for Show and Tell.

We stop at Edward's home to drop off his car, over to La Jolla cove for pictures and on up to LAX. Edward works on my computer, organizing files for the web site all the way there.

Meet Robin, from NIK Transport, and Alfredo, car handler extraordinaire, at Pacific Air Cargo.

Alfredo painstakingly goes over the car and the strapping down of the vehicle onto the pallet.  We then watch it loaded onto a flatbed trailer and backed into a slot for later loading. Edward and I are taking pictures and I am showing everyone there my map of the planned ALL 50 road tour.  We are asked to leave the shop area so things can be cleared for shipment.

Alfredo, Edward and I go over to LAX for our 5:15 PM departure.  We say goodbye to Edward and proceed to our gate.  We decide to stop and get something to eat quickly. It wasn't. Upon arriving at the gate, no on was there.  The door was open, so I told Alfredo, “come on, lets go.” We rounded the corner of the walkway and surprised the flight crew. They were just closing the door.  Close!

Arrived in Honolulu at 8pm checked in and went and found some Sushi.

We have a 4:30 am wake up call, it is now midnight.

Bird Rock Elementary




Ray and the kids of B7!

La Jolla Cove




























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