ALL 50 - Ray’s Journal Entry for: Day 30 - Saturday, May 24, 2003

Jackson, Wyoming to Livingston, Montana

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Antler Arch in Jackson, WY


Yellowstone, South Entrance

Lewis River

Continental Divide

Old Faithful

Entering Montana at north entrance, Gardner Mt.

North Entrance to Yellowstone

North Entrance to Yellowstone dedicated in 1903, 100 years ago

K-Bar, Gardner

Absaroka Range

I'm leaving Jackson,’s now high noon. Karen is on the phone telling me about the antler arch and as I turn the corner, there it is. I immediately pull over next to the RED curb, and jump out to take a quick picture. Seconds later, a red 2003 Mustang Mach 1 pulls in front of me. He has the same idea. Asking about my Valentine, we strike up a conversation about our respective road trips. I present "The Card"

He yells to the driver to back up. I'm talking with Miles Cook, Technical Editor of Mustang Monthly. His brother, Wayne and Mom, Lin are traveling with him and they are headed to Carlyle for the All Ford Nationals. He informs me that he and his brother are Corvette fans too and have owned six Corvettes over the years.

There is a street fair going on behind us and both cars re now getting a lot of attention. Red and Yellow. We are then trying to take pictures and the traffic is heavy. Standing in the center of the street, we wait for the light to change to get a picture. The Cooks are very interested in my trip. They too are heading for Yellowstone and then across Montana and North Dakota.

We wish each other well and I'm head north along the Teton's. Entering Teton National Park the speed limit changes to 45 mph. You really don't want to drive any faster, enjoying the spectacular views.

Entering Yellowstone, I stop by the sign to get a picture, and others are there as well. A family form Houston offer to take my picture if I will take there's.

After several picture opportunities, I'm wondering when I will get to Old Faithful. Arriving, the parking lot is busy. I don't feel I have time to wait around for it to erupt, so I hit the road. From Old Faithful, the rest of the afternoon, traffic is slow. I can only imagine what it will be like in the next few weeks as more schools let out for the summer.

I had originally planned on making an "S" thorough the park, and going by way of Roosevelt Lodge, but it’s 4 PM and I did not feel I have time. It has been at least 30 years since I had been to Yellowstone, I'm just going to have to come back.

Dropping down the steep grade from Mammoth Hot Springs to Gardner, about half way down you enter Montana, and once again you are at the at the 45th Parallel along with crossing the Gardner River.

At the bottom of the grade is a stone arch. It is the original entrance to Yellowstone, dedicated in 1903, 100 years ago. The arch only allows one-way passage. I am fortunate enough to ask a gentleman to take my picture while passing underneath. He, his wife and daughter are from Los Alamos, New Mexico. Thanking them, I immediately enter Gardner Montana.

I call my Uncle Bud in Livingston and tell him I will be there in an hour or so. Turning the corner, I notice the K-Bar. A refreshment would be good. Upon entering I immediately notice the #3 dale Earnhardt and other Childers racing paraphernalia the bartender says one of them owns a place in the valley but never said who.

Pulling up to My Uncle Bud's, Aunt June and Cousin Jay's home, Jay emerges before I have the car turned off. According to my Mom, he and my Uncle Bud have been devote followers since the start of the road trip.

Sitting on the rear deck, overlooking the Yellowstone River, we discuss my road trip and experiences to date. Jay brings up the book "Blue Highway." When this trip is over, I'm going to have to read it. It's 10:30 PM and I got to get to bed. We've been chatting over 4 hours, not stopping while cooking hamburgers and eating. Jay said," well Ray, I've e-mailed you several times and no response."

I APOLOGIZE to Jay and ALL the rest of you. Between driving all day and doing the journal and pictures, there is not enough time. I am pushing the window as it is. I promise that I will answer any and all e-mails when this trip concludes after the first of July.

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