ALL 50 - Ray’s Journal Entry for: Day 31 - Sunday, May 25, 2003

Livingston, Montana to Sturgis, South Dakota

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Bud, Jay & June

Little Big Horn

Blue Angel and ALL 50

Josh wants one by age 20

Memorial at Mass Grave

Custer's headstone amidst those with him

Last Stand


South Dakota

Sturgis, South Dakota & Washington Riders

Today is Uncle Bud's birthday and I present him with a card and T-shirt. After a good breakfast of French toast and sausage I'm ready to take off, but not before pictures.

Stopping in Livingston for gas, I notice the car is filthy from the bugs and sun showers yesterday. There is a self car wash down the street and a quick wash and I'm on my way.

I'm trying to listen to the Indy 500 on am radio. With the hills and mountains, it fades in and out. I am heading for the Little Big Horn Battlefield. As I approach the exit, I lose reception, there's only 6 laps left. I don't know who won.

Upon entering the Battlefield I'm, parked on the side reading the literature before getting out of the car, when a Blue C-5 pulls in front of me. Jumping out I hand out "The Card" George and wife Ida are from Republic, Washington and are in Billings for the Memorial Day Corvette Bash. That explains why I saw so many Corvettes going through Billing's. After an hour conversation we take some pictures, Josh, also from Washington, would like to get his picture taken with the car and me. He hopes to own one by age 20.

I tour the Battlefield. Seeing Custer's headstone, surrounded closely by many others, you get an eery feeling. At the top of the rise, above the headstones, is a large Monument, signifying a mass grave.

Driving along five mile drive to Weir Hill, you get a sense of what it must have been like June 25, 1876. Its 90 degrees out and its May 25.

Leaving, I feel very fortunate to think, I get to leave these hills. It was a real tribute for me on this Memorial Day weekend.

Heading east on Rte 12, you are on the Crow Indian Reservation. The scenery is spectacular, and you can understand why all wanted this land.

Entering Broadus, MT. there is road construction and they have the highway torn up. I am thankful its not raining, otherwise this would be a muddy mess. The dirt is rutted so bad, I can feel it hit the spoiler and bottom of the car. I am doing 5 mph max. Traveling in the summer time, remember its road construction time!

There is a strong headwind blowing. As I get out to take pictures of the Wyoming and South Dakota (State #19) signs, I have difficulty opening the door.

Once in Sturgis, I head for the Harley-Davidson Store. As I pull into the parking lot, there is a group of riders in the middle. I pull the ZO6 up in front of the sign as I'm being stared at.

I immediately pull out "The Card" and ask the riders if they would pull their bikes around the car and have their picture taken. Once the picture is taken I explain the trip. This group of riders is from Washington. Doesn't anyone from Washington stay home?

They tell me about a "cheap" hotel down the street and I'm off. Across the railroad tracks is a sports bar and the Coca Cola 600 should still be running. By the time I check in, and walk over to the sports bar, the race has been ended due to rain. Johnson was declared the winner, but I still do not know who won Indy. All any one knows in the bar is that Penske got 1-2. I go back to the Motel, not knowing who won.

I am looking at my maps and figuring out the way to go in the morning. Deadwood has a big going on and the bikers said it was busy. The desk clerk indicated construction on Rte 385 would hold me up and that I should go through Rapid City.

I like to think that it's the challenge, not the adversity. Maņana!

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